A GoTreads® storage bag with flexible stowage options and multiple uses.  We call it the TreadPackTM.  This bag accomodates GoTreads XL length traction boards.

When loading your rig, having options to stow your gear is essential.  We found that sometimes we needed to lay our GoTreads® flat, and other times we wanted them standing up.  Either way, they needed to carry conveniently, and make the contents easy to deploy and repack.  The TreadPackTM is a truly unique solution.

While this bag was engineered to accommodate a set of GoTreads®, it is also excellent for storing other gear as well – recovery straps, soft shackles, tire chains, etc.

It also functions as a superb winch line dampener.  Truly a multi-functional tool.

The TreadPack bag can be purchased alone or with GoTreads® inside as a bundle.  We currently offer the GoTreads® Standard size in Orange, and XL size in Orange and Hi-Vis Green.

Patent Pending

  • Rather than one gaping compartment to stow your GoTreads® where they tend to fall all over each other, our bag features two compartments that keep them in place, naturally standing up, allowing for easy removal and replacement.

    1. Unique two compartment, folding design, allows for multiple packing, storage, and carry modes – lay flat or stand upright
    2. Low profile g-hook closures make it easier to pack alongside other gear
    3. Closure hook can be operated while wearing gloves, making the bag useable in the most austere environments
    4. Rigidity of the materials cause the bag to stand upright, making it easier to remove and replace the contents
    5. Handle design provides for easy pickup whether the product is laid out flat or standing upright and folds out of the way if something is stacked on top of the bag
    6. Lid design and grommets provide airflow allowing gear to dry out while packed in the bag
    7. Easy to clean, just hose it out and air dry
    8. Engineered extra tough for heavy use and long life
    9. Handmade in the USA
    1. Capacity: 2 XL size GoTreads®, or 2 recovery straps, or whatever you want to pack in it
    2. Exterior Dimensions (upright): 12” wide, 9.5” tall, 8” thick (with GoTreads®)
    3. Exterior Dimensions (laid flat): 12” x 20” x 4” tall (with GoTreads®)
    4. Empty Weight: 1 lbs.
    5. Constructed of heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester marine-grade tarp material
    6. Mil-spec nylon webbing
    7. Powder-coated aluminum and brass hardware


    This item can be made fully Berry Compliant for bulk orders. Contact us for details.