Firewood carrier and overland utility mat.

A campfire is an integral part of enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. However, transporting firewood can often prove to be a tedious task that often results in a messy situation. The WoodGaiter® is here to make your camping experience hassle-free whether you prefer to bring, purchase, or discover firewood on the trail. It can hold the equivalent of two standard pre-packaged bundles of wood, keeping everything secure and contained and adjusting to scale as the volume of firewood inside it varies.

With its innovative gaiter design the WoodGaiter® can also be used to collect longer pieces of firewood along the way. It strikes the perfect balance of allowing moisture to escape while shielding firewood from the elements when carried outside of a vehicle; and it prevents the spillage of debris when carried inside.

The WoodGaiter® is not just for transporting firewood during outdoor expeditions. It can also be used as a mat to sit or lay on when doing vehicle maintenance on the trail, as well as numerous other fantastic applications. This versatility makes it an indispensable piece of equipment. It’s one piece of gear with many uses that will soon become a must-have piece of equipment.

If you keep your campfire burning late into the night or have more than one campfire on a weekend excursion and one WoodGaiter® isn’t sufficient for your needs, then the Hobnobber's Bundle is perfect for you! Purchase 2 WoodGaiters and receive an automatic $30 discount applied to your cart.

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      • Handmade in the USA, the WoodGaiter® is engineered to be the superior wood carrying solution: 

        1. Carried inside your vehicle, it contains the mess
        2. Strapped to your roof rack, you have multiple tie-down options
        3. Loaded in your truck bed, it’s easily secured
        4. No matter how you carry it, your vehicle and your wood are protected
        5. Included kindling bag attaches to the inside of the WoodGaiter®, and is also a convenient storage bag for the WoodGaiter® when not in use
        6. Materials were researched, selected, and tested to produce very high durability
        7. Designed to be long-lasting, not land-fill


        Aside from mooching off your friend, there are three ways you’re going to get fuel for your campfire:

        1. Bring it– if you’re pulling from your own woodpile, you’ll need to be able to wrap it, carry it, secure it.  Trash bags, tarps, duffel bags are the typical options and all lack durability, convenience, and ease of tying down…and popular tire mounted accessory bags won’t hold up to the weight and abrasion of firewood.  Besides, you need that bag for trash (pack it in, pack it out).
        2. Buy it– some store-bought wood comes in plastic bags, but generally it’s just wrapped in plastic with a mess of debris and no way to secure the wood whether inside or outside the vehicle.
        3. Find it – unless wood is conveniently lying around your immediate campsite, you generally need to collect it as you find it.  “Found firewood” was a key design element of the WoodGaiter®. It accommodates random pieces of wood of varying sizes that you may find trailside or in the vicinity of camp, allowing for that collected firewood to extend out the ends.  You can then wrap the wood to protect your vehicle, and have suitable tie down points so that you can secure it while continuing your travels.  Or, if you’re on foot, use it as a tote to carry wood back to camp.

        Wet firewood is a problem, and we have the solution.  Both seasoned and found firewood can be moist or damp from recent weather.  The WoodGaiter®

        is designed to effectively keep out added moisture while also allowing for airflow.

        Not just for firewood, it’s a multi-functional resource:

        1. Maintenance and recovery work mat – keep your butt and tools out of the dirt
        2. Pet bed / kid’s playmat – keep your precious sidekicks and their toys out of the sand, dirt, mud, pricklies and pests
        3. Tent entry mat – kick your shoes off and keep some mess out of your tent
        4. Shower floor – with a slight slope and some flip-flops, you’re no longer standing in the mud to take a shower in the field
        5. Injury patient workspace – while we hope you never have the need, the WoodGaiter® provides an expedient surface to attend to an injured traveler

        Check out this video for tips on how to load the WoodGaiter: https://youtu.be/NcXvJcwqmnc
        1. Specifications:

          1. Capacity: more than two typical pre-packaged bundles of wood plus a full kindling bag
          2. Interior Volume (when rolled up): max 18” wide and 54” circumference…but that isn’t really meaningful, so refer back to Capacity
          3. Flat Dimensions: 30” x 58”
          4. Folded Dimensions: 14” x 12” x 1.5” (assuming you fold it the way we do)
          5. Kindling Bag Dimensions: 20” x 12.5” (folded WoodGaiter® fits nicely when not in use)
          6. Empty Weight:  xx lbs.


          Materials selected for optimal durability, UV and abrasion resistance, and long service life:

          1. Body: heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester marine-grade tarp material
          2. Side Panels and Kindling Bag: high abrasion resistance nylon packcloth
          3. Webbing: marine-grade polyester
          4. Cinch Cords: US made Type III Paracord
          5. Hardware: field replaceable, premium mil-spec with free life-time replacement